Instructions for Presenters

Poster Preparation Instructions

In order to efficiently communicate the results of your research to the viewers, you are kindly requested to devote considerable effort in the design of your poster.
Please pay attention to details by carefully following the instructions outlined below:

Please note that all presenters are required to stand by their poster in order to answer any questions during tea, coffee and lunch breaks.

Equipment for Poster Display

  • A large display board giving a display area of approximately 841mm wide x 1189mm high will be provided for your poster display. This is standard size A0, portrait. Please refer to the above diagram.
  • Please note that individual pieces of paper should be pre-mounted onto one large piece of paper or card.
  • Velcro fixers will be provided to all poster presenters at the congress. Staff will be available to assist you.
  • A header panel with your poster number will be provided.
  • Please ensure that your poster title and authors’ as stated on the submitted abstract are printed on your poster.
  • Please refer to the final programme book that you will receive upon arrival at the congress for the poster board number assigned to you. Please use the board with the same number.

Poster Title

Please ensure that you include the title of your poster presentation at the top of your poster. Your board will have a poster number (please refer to the final programme onsite which details the number allocated).

Display, Installation, Presentation and Removal Times

Posters will be displayed in the Exhibition Area for the duration of the meeting. All poster presenters should please ensure that they mount their poster by the correct poster number.
Poster presenters should refer to the list of poster presentations in the programme for their board numbers.
Posters must be removed at the end of the Meeting. Should they not be removed by this time, the congress staff will take them down and no responsibility can be taken for their safe return.

Poster Viewing

We kindly ask that you be at your poster during the official tea, coffee, lunch breaks so that you can answer any queries or comments that arise.

Oral Presentations

We are keen to ensure smooth transition between presenters and wish to avoid presenters using their own laptops as this sometimes causes delays between presentations.
If using a PowerPoint (or any other computer) presentation, please note you need to bring it on a CD, a DVD or on a “disk on key” Memory stick (using the USB port in the computer) and load it on one of the conference’s computers in your session room, ideally half a day before your presentation or at the latest by the refreshment break before your session begins. You may supply your own laptop computer as a back-up.
Please note that the conference’s computers in the Session Halls are being supplied with Windows XP and Office 2007.

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