Welcome to PICS 2013

Welcome to the ‘Back to Basics’ Austerity UKPICS 2013!

(The Olympics & Para-Olympics were actually London appetizers for 3 days of PICU)

The Great Ormond Street, Intensive Care Unit team, would like to welcome you to one of the world’s truly Great Cities!

UKPICS 2013 is a zeitgeist meeting (recession), but in place of international experts we will showcase three aspects of PICU.

We will ask Science how it can improve the care of the critically ill child:
When will we be using genomics to select a child’s inotropes? When will we grow new livers? When will we have mini VADs in children’s homes? How can we hear our patients and improve their journey?

On the second day we will highlight the ‘forgotten’ PICU patient – the older child/adolescent. Why are they different, how can we interface with adult services. For those with livelong condition –e.g. GUCH – how can we provide seamless care in our fragmented NHS?

The day will continue into an exploration about human interaction on the PICU. Communication – how we do it and how we ought to do it – with each other, with children and families, with the media and the law.
What are the Stafford Hospital lessons for the PICU –how can we actively listen to our families?

Master-classes the day before the conference will facilitate your excellence in effective communication with children and colleagues, on providing renal replacement therapies and on monitoring the neurocritical care patient.
Opportunities for the best abstracts to present to conference unopposed will continue to reinforce PICS dedication to trainees in every discipline.

PICS 2013 Local Committee
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